Cloth Nappy Hire

Rather then buy your nappies you can hire them.

Enjoy BRAND NEW nappies for $11.55 a week for 6 months.

We understand the upfront cost of cloth nappies is daunting. We understand many parents have hesitations about using cloth nappies, concerns about choosing the right brand and worries about whether their nappies will last the distance. 

How it works?

We send you 24 BRAND NEW nappies with inserts and a free wet bag

You pay a one off fee of $145 which covers a refundable deposit ($100) and admin fee. 

You then make payments of $50 a month for six months. The first month must be paid before we ship your nappies. You will be sent a direct debit request for your 6 month hire once we receive your order. Simply fill in the form and check out to finalise your rental. 

Your minimum period of rental is 6 months. After this time you may rent your nappies on a month to month basis for up to another 18 months for $20 per month. If you fulfill a full two year hire the nappies are yours to keep. Any rental agreement cancelled before 2 years requires the return of all nappies or a final purchase payment as detailed below.

If you wish to purchase the nappies…

Some customers may choose to purchase their nappies after their 6 month hire period. Where this occurs we will keep your $100 deposit and invoice you a further $175. This same cost will apply at any time during your hire period. If you wish to purchase only a portion of the nappies, the cost will be $15 per nappy you choose to keep. 

Why choose this arrangement?

  1. You avoid the up front cost of buying nappies.
  2. You can return your nappies at the end of the hire period.
  3. Most nappies come with a 6 month warranty. Leasing your nappies for 2 years you are guaranteed to have nappies that will continue to be in good working order for the duration of the hire.


Can I choose my nappy prints and colours?

We will guarantee you 12 of your specific chosen colours or prints. The other 12 nappies sent will be suitable for the gender or style you choose (for example girl, boy, neutral or if you prefer more solids colours than prints just let us know).


I love my Nappies. Can I change my hire to be a full time pack and pay the difference?

Once you choose to hire nappies you must complete the 6 months hire period. You may then choose to buy your nappies per the costs provided above. 


Can I cancel my hire if I'm not happy with the nappies?

You may cancel at any time after the 6 months initial hire. The minimum 6 months hire fee is required to be paid in all circumstances. We encourage you to be sure you want to use our nappies for a minimum of 6 months before entering this agreement. 


What is the minimum cost? 

Minimum cost of hire is $300 for 6 months plus the admin & postage fee of $45.


Other things you should know:

  1. You are responsible for return postage of the nappies to us.
  2. You are responsible for the full cost of any nappy not returned. Each nappy not returned to us will incur a $15 fee. 
  3. You are responsible for any damage to nappies. This includes nappies returned with unreasonable amount of staining, ripping, smells etc. We will provide you with help to wash and care for your nappies. Any damaged nappies returned will be charged at the rate of $15 per nappy. 

Where payment is not made we will contact you. If no reply is received within 7 days we will arrange for Australia Post to pick up your nappies. In this event your full deposit is also forfeited.