Modern Cloth Nappy - Luau

  • $18.00
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A Pocket style nappy with a PUL waterproof outer layer sewn together with a soft fleece inner layer. 

Combine with a 4-Layer Bamboo Fibre Insert which draws moisture away quickly keeping baby's bottom as dry as possible. Bamboo fibre is one of the most absorbent nappy materials available, so it will cater for heavy wetters and for overnight use.

Fitting is easy with many different snaps to choose to help find the right fit your babies shape, from long and skinny to chunky thighs and everything in between.   Please see information on fitting and sizing to see how easily our cloth nappies adjust.

No Pins, folding or soaking required!  Help your family save money and reduce your environmental impact now, by using our Modern Cloth Nappies.