Modern Cloth Nappy - Yellow

Modern Cloth Nappy - Yellow

  • $7.00
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This Nappy has a soft  lining and double gussets, the double gussets will help to keep messes in.

- Soft stay dry micro fleece inner, moisture is drawn into the insert.

- Pocket design – Removable inserts are placed inside the shell which allows the two parts to separate for thorough washing and to speed up drying time. This style also allows for the addition of extra inserts to increase absorbency.  

- One size fits Most – With many snaps to choose from to tailor the size to suit your baby.  With double row snaps for hip adjustments, so if your baby has a skinny waist but large thighs or a big belly and skinny legs, you’ll be able to adjust this nappy to suit.

- No Cover required - Outer shell is PUL (polyurethane laminate) material, it’s soft, breathable and waterproof.  Keeps the moisture in, but allows babies skin to breath.  Helps reduce the chances of nappy rash.

- Modern Cloth Nappies are a great inexpensive option for any family.  Our nappies are easy to use and will suit from newborn to toddler (3kg -13kg Approx).

- Easy to use – No pins, folding, and no soaking required which make our modern cloth nappies just as easy to use as disposables and quite simple to wash.  They’re even easier to clean when using flushable bamboo nappy liners to collect the solids.

- Best of all they’re at a great price!  My Pikinini’s was started because we wanted to help more families use Modern Cloth Nappies.  So we do our best to keep costs low with our small family run business, by doing as much of the work ourselves including producing marketing materials and website.  We also rely on word of mouth to help grow our business and pride ourselves on providing quick and friendly customer service and advice.  So please tell your friends how great our nappies are :)