Waterproof Wet Bag - Festive Joy

Waterproof Wet Bag - Festive Joy

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Celebrate the festive season eith this gorgeous print.

Great for nappies, swimmers, dirty or wet clothes. You’ll be able to use Wet bags past the days of nappies.  They will suit from baby, toddler, to adult.

A Convenient size for out and about with baby (Measures 40cm by 35cm) - Holds approx 5 Modern Cloth Nappies, double zippered to hold wet and dry clothes.

- Machine Washable & Dryable
- Water Proof Contains smells
- Waterproof PUL material
- Double Zipper closure

How to Use:
Place dirty nappies or wet items in bag.  Store until home or ready for washing, it's that easy!

We recommend washing within 1-2 days.  Wash temperature: under 30°C. (less than 86°F).